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2014 Volunteer Scholarship Reader

Each year we received hundreds of applications for our competitive scholarships. Scholarship readers play a crucial role in selecting recipients. We are looking for a diverse group of individuals to help identify students with strong academic, service and leadership qualities.

Title of Position:
Volunteer Scholarship Reader

Supervised by:
Associate Program Director, Scholarships; Scholarship Administrator

To review and evaluate selected online scholarship applications.

Roles and Responsibilities
• Attend CBF Scholarship Reader Orientation and Training session.
• Maintain confidentiality of students and other program participants.
• Maintain contact with CBF Staff.

Commitment Required:
Readers may evaluate 10 - 20 applications (5 -10 hours) during the course of the reading period (March 24 – April 29)

• A value for higher education and a desire to assist students in negotiating the college admission process.
• Appreciation of cultural and racial differences and an ability to work with a wide diversity of individuals.
• Must have computer and internet access (the site works best with Internet Explorer).
• Good communication skills.

Orientation and Training Provided:
Orientation sessions provided in March 2014

Location of Job:
Work from home or the CollegeBound main office.

Michael Thornton, (410) 783-2905, ext. 207 or

Mollie Wolf, (410) 783-2905, ext. 201 or

Download the Volunteer Application

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