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Da’Kuawn A. Johnson is a 2013 graduate of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute and ranked in the top 5% of his class…

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Who We Are And What We Do
What is CollegeBound Foundation?
CollegeBound Foundation provides you with college preparation information and assistance. We're here to make sure you get all the help you need to plan, prepare and get into college. CollegeBound Foundation provides services to Baltimore City public high school students. Most of our services are free of charge.

What can CollegeBound Foundation do for you?
If you attend a Baltimore City public high school, our College Access Program Specialists (CAPS) can help you plan to graduate from high school with the courses you need to get into college. They also help you fill out college applications, financial aid applications, and will arrange college tours. They also conduct SAT and PSAT workshops and provide fee waivers for college entrance exams and applications. So, even if you think you might not be ready to start planning for college, we can help you!

How do I get help?
The easiest way for us to help is for you to stop by the CollegeBound Foundation College Center in your high school. If you do not have a CollegeBound Foundation College Center, simply contact the CAPS in a high school near you.

You can also make an appointment via e-mail Or, you can call our office at 410-783-2905 and we will put you in contact with an advisor in your area. Also, be sure to look at What's New for special presentations and workshops in your neighborhood.

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