Shanette Quattlebaum

Shanette Quattlebaum

Shanette has more than 20 years of experience as an accountant. She started her career in public accounting as an auditor for colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations. Since working in public accounting, she has dedicated her professional career in service to both education focused and mission driven organizations. Often working in smaller organizations where she specialized in cross training, Shanette gained human resources experience—specifically in benefits administration, payroll management, personnel issue resolution, and staff development.

Shanette considers herself a lifelong learner who also values knowledge sharing. She can personally speak to higher education accelerating a positive path away from adverse circumstances. Having grown up in a household where alcoholism and domestic violence presented challenges for her and her siblings, Shanette turned to school as her outlet. She was determined to thrive in school and put herself through college after literally arriving on a Greyhound bus in Washington, DC.

Shanette received a bachelors in business administration in accounting from Howard University’s School of Business. In addition to encouraging people of all ages to learn all they can in and out of a classroom, Shanette also spends time working with organizations to bring awareness to and advocate for laws to protect victims of domestic violence and child abuse. When she’s not engaged in learning, Shanette enjoys the creative arts. She lives in Baltimore County, Maryland, with her husband, children, and fur babies.

410-783-2905 ext. 210

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