Niles D. Davis

CollegeBound Scholar of the Week: Niles Davis


Niles Davis has the ability to accurately observe and analyze imagery, and render it with precision. Niles has the capacity to become a true artist. Unlike most high school students, he shows maturity beyond his years. Niles has the ability to focus on projects for long periods of time and turn out thoughtful pieces. One of Niles’ stand out pieces is his rendition of Goya’s “The Third of May 1808”. Niles is able to use his compositions to give you insight into his personal reflections. He is proficient in a variety of painting techniques such as tapping, flat painting and dripping. He has worked on canvas, Masonite board and flat board. He received an A- last year in Painting I, because of his dedication, and careful application in the art process. He exemplifies great patience and diligence as a student in my Painting II class as well. I expect Niles to flourish in his next endeavors because he has the ability to get lost in his work.