Are you a CollegeBound Alum?

The New CollegeBound Foundation Alumni Association is Looking for YOU!

As a college graduate, consider the following opportunities:

  • Join your college’s alumni organization.  It can be a great source for contacts and networking.
  • Start researching and applying for jobs.  Be sure to look at the whole package (benefits, advancement opportunities, location and corporate culture).
  • Be sure to check out our Success Stories page to read about other recent graduates.
  • Share your successes by signing up to be a part of the 2023 alumni spotlight campaign.
  • Looking to (re)connect?  Please fill out our Alumni Survey.  You can connect with us on Facebook.  We’d love to hear from you!

CollegeBound Foundation’s Alumni Association (CBFAA)
The CBFAA is comprised of college graduates who were served by the CollegeBound High School based program, or who received a Last Dollar Grant and/or Competitive Scholarship.  The Associations has the following primary, secondary, and tertiary objectives:

  • The primary objective of the CBFAA is to foster lifelong network and goodwill among CollegeBound Scholars Program Alumni.
  • The Secondary Objective of the CBFAA is to promote communication and mentorship between the CBFAA members, CollegeBound Foundation, and current scholars.
  • The Tertiary Objective of the CBFAA is to support philanthropic and social causes directly related to either the CBFAA or the CollegeBound Scholar Program, to connect with current CollegeBound Scholars, and to celebrate kindred ideals.
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