Scholarship readers evaluate scholarship applications submitted for CollegeBound’s $3 million scholarship portfolio. Each spring, CollegeBound receives hundreds of applications from Baltimore City Schools’ students for scholarships based on criteria including academic merit, community service, and resilience.
Time commitment: First-time volunteers attend a two-hour training session in February. Essay review and scoring is online. Requires 15-20 hours in March and April to review and score submissions.  Click here to schedule a time and sign-up for this opportunity.

Have a question? email:  aledbetter@collegeboundfoundation.org

CollegeBound offers a bi-weekly virtual series with local employers and graduate schools that connects our college scholars with a variety of opportunities, including paid internships, entry-level job opportunities, or graduate school programs. Participating employers will share entry-level job openings, internship opportunities, application process, company benefits and mission, and their personal career navigation experience. Participating graduate school programs will share the application process, program overview and benefits, prospective career opportunities to consider after completing graduate school, and their personal career and graduate school navigation experience.
Time commitment: One hour, weekday session presenting opportunities and insight to students.

To sign up, email:  cdystant@collegeboundfoundation.org

The College Completion Program (CCP) offers the Professional Mentor Program to upperclassmen CCP students who attend a Maryland college or university, and are interested in one-on-one mentorship. Professional Mentors are volunteer working professionals from Baltimore or the DMV-area, and our Professional Mentors provide academic, career, and personal guidance to scholars to support their journey towards graduation, as well as preparing for life after college graduation. This is a great volunteer opportunity for any local professionals or retirees that want to share their experiences and network through mentorship with our CCP upperclassmen. We are NOW RECRUITING new Volunteer Mentors for Academic Year 2024-2025!

Time commitment: One academic year with your matched Mentee (~12 months, from June to May). Hybrid mentorship with in-person group events led by CollegeBound, in-person one on one meetings during breaks, and flexible monthly virtual check-ins throughout the year.
To sign up: Please click HERE to open the 2024-2025 Volunteer Mentor Application for our CCP Professional Mentor Program. The deadline to submit an application is June 15th, 2024Questions? Email Mika Orille at morille@collegeboundfoundation.org.

To learn more about our volunteer opportunities, please join our listserv.

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