Ayannah Jones

Ayannah Jones

Ayannah Jones is from Baltimore County, Maryland and a graduate of Spelman College. She holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and an M.A. degree in Counseling Psychology from Boston College. Ayannah spent six years working in Baltimore City High Schools after graduation and enjoyed working with teenagers. Through her work at Stevenson University, she gained additional instrumental exposure to the Financial Aid process and used this knowledge to assist high school students at the CollegeBound Foundation. Ayannah truly believes that education is one of the tools necessary to end poverty.

Before becoming the Director of Training for the CollegeBound Foundation in July 2021, Ayannah was an innovative College Access Program Specialist for eight years for various schools including Vivien T Thomas, Excel Academy at Francis M Wood, August Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts, and the Academy for College and Career Exploration. While working at ACCE Academy, Ayannah implemented the new Next Generation Scholars program. This enabled Ayannah to expand the CollegeBound way to an even younger audience through Early College Awareness activities such as career tours, early scholarship awareness, middle school college tours, essay workshops, junior mock onsite admissions, and virtual onsite admissions during the pandemic for seniors. As the current Director of Training, she uses her gained knowledge to share and learn with other community-based organizations in Baltimore, to serve a larger number of students.

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