Jennifer Covahey

Jennifer Covahey

Jennifer Covahey is a first-generation CollegeBound Alumna and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland College Park. In addition, she has a Master’s of Science in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University.

Jennifer’s passion for working Baltimore youth started in college when she was an intern at The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship in Baltimore (NFTE). With NFTEk, Jennifer worked closely with students to help them create their own business plan.

In 2010, Jennifer joined the CollegeBound team as a College Access Program Specialist. She worked with students at Friendship Academy of Science and Technology, a public charter school and Maritime Industries Academy. By working in multiple schools, Jennifer learned how to work with multiple changes in administration and leadership styles. She also organized and led the CollegeBound Rising Senior Seminar three times, and led/organized multiple college tours (one day in-state tours and overnight out-of-state tours). In addition, Jennifer led the initiative to bring back the city-wide Transition to College Workshop in summer of 2016 at Johns Hopkins University.

Following her role as program specialist, she elevated into the role of Associate Program Director of Scholarship. In this capacity, she worked with scholarship providers, managed over 70 unique scholarships, and managed and processed $2.5 million in scholarships.

Finally, in her current role as Director of College Success, Ms. Covahey has demonstrated unprecedented leadership and has been consistently proactive by establishing several new initiatives and departments. For instance, she also started the College Success Department which is charged with overseeing the scholarship and college completion program. CollegeBound’s scholarship portfolio is now over 85 unique scholarships, totaling over $4 million. She also started CareerBound which spotlights internships and career opportunities for scholars. Other initiatives she spearheaded include the College Scholar Last Dollar Grant, and the Finishers’ Fund.

Under her leadership, the CollegeBound Foundation in Baltimore has enjoyed the phenomenal success of having doubled its College Completion Program. Her dedication to CollegeBound’s mission has positively influenced the lives of thousands of students, setting them up for success in college and beyond.

410-783-2905 ext. 207

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