Mika Orille

Mika Orille

Mika Orille, daughter of a US Navy veteran, was born in Okinawa, Japan and lived in various locations throughout her childhood. In 2009, she moved from California to Montgomery County, MD. After completing high school in 2014, she then moved on to graduate from St. Mary’s College of MD with a B.A. in Psychology as a first-generation student in May 2018. While attending SMCM, she volunteered as a Peer Health Educator and developed a deeper passion for helping others see their own potential and the importance of knocking down social barriers. When she was not busy running psychology research studies or studying for exams, she also participated in Dance Club as a choreographer/ dancer and made time to go kayaking with friends. Mika is currently exploring different programs for graduate school, and her goal is to continue working for non-profit organizations that provide accessible resources or services to students and their families. Mika currently lives in Federal Hill with three friends from SMCM, and has a 3yr old French Bulldog named LJ (short for Lamar Jackson, GO RAVENS!).

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