Bailey Gage

Bailey Gage

Bailey is a finance professional hailing from rural Arkansas, where she spent her formative years surrounded by the pros and cons of being from the sticks. Her journey has taken her across various corners of Arkansas, Atlanta, GA, and Jacksonville, FL. It was during the pandemic that she made the move to Florida, seeking new opportunities amidst uncertain times.

With a deep-seated passion for animal welfare, Bailey found her calling at the Jacksonville Humane Society, where she served as the Assistant Finance Manager. Starting each day with the heartwarming ritual of kissing kitten bellies, she contributed her financial insight to support the organization’s noble cause.

In 2022, seeking a fresh adventure, Bailey ventured to Baltimore and quickly fell in love with the city’s dynamic energy and rich culture. Coming from an underrepresented area in the rural South, she is enthusiastic about contributing to initiatives focused on empowering the youth of the community.

Bailey can be found in her leisure time cuddling with her cats, indulging in trivia nights (even if she doesn’t always come out on top), exploring scenic hiking trails, and occasionally sneaking in a well-deserved nap.

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